There's a chance you could get free pizza while voting in New York today. Here's why.

American's are expected to head out to the polls in record high numbers on Tuesday for the midterm elections. That means many voters in the Hudson Valley might be standing in some long lines while waiting to cast their ballot.

So, a company called Pizza to the Polls is literally going to feed democracy.

"Waiting in line for hours to vote? Tummies grumblin? Pizza to the Polls is here to help. Send us reports of long lines and we'll send in the delicious reinforcements," the company writes on its website.

Here's how it works. First, post a picture of your long line to social media, or find a picture of a long line already on social media from your polling station. Then, head to to complete a short form to report the long line.

Pizza to the Polls will then deliver pizza to your polling station, the company says.

Pizza to the Polls has no political affiliation. It's run off donations. The company has already raised nearly $60,000 to feed voters. If you'd like to donate, one pie costs $20, two pies $40, three pizzas $60 and so on.

"We'll use this money to order pizzas from local places and have them delivered wherever folks are stuck in line," Pizza to the Polls writes. "Help ensure that America's voters who are stuck in line don't have to wait with an empty stomach by chipping into the pizza fund today."

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