A woman was injured after a truck tipped over on top of her car in the Hudson Valley near a school.

Monday afternoon, the Fairview Fire District responded to an accident at the intersection of Violet Avenue and Fulton Street in Poughkeepsie.

A grey sedan and a street sweeping truck collided into each other at the intersection, the Fairview Fire District confirmed to Hudson Valley Post.

The accident then caused the Easystreet Cleaning truck to fall on top and crush the car. The crashed happened just a few feet from Violet Avenue Elementary School, according to Google Maps.

The driver of the car, an unnamed woman, was taken to a local hospital with undisclosed injuries, officials say. The driver of the truck wasn't taken to a hospital.

A Dutchess County tow company was used to bring the truck back up on its tires. Easystreet Cleaning, Inc. is a local business which paves and sweeps roads in Dutchess County and surrounding areas, according to the company's Facebook.

Roads near the crash were closed for a couple hours on Monday. The cause of the accident is unclear as of this writing.

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