A realistic scam hit the Hudson Valley where scammers pose as police and threatened to arrest you if you don’t send them money.

On Monday, the Orange County Sheriff’s Office received several calls from residents who said they got a call from a “Lieutenant” from the sheriff’s office.

The scammer goes on to say you missed Jury Duty and you are going to be arrested if you don’t pay a fine.

The scammer tells the caller they can avoid arrest by placing a sum of money on a "Green Dot card," call back the scammer and make arrangements to send the card to him, according to the Orange County Sheriff’s Office.

To make the scam seem real, the scammer created a fake Orange County Sheriff’s Office voicemail to make the caller feel they really called the sheriff’s office, police say.

“The Orange County Sheriff’s Office does NOT solicit fines over the phone. Don’t fall for the tricks,” Orange County Sheriff Carl E. DuBois said in a press release. “If you are suspicious of any caller you should contact your local police or the Orange County Sheriff’s Office at 845-291-7900. Please never send money to any unverified source.”

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