A Hudson Valley man was found with at least 7,000 doses of heroin with a street value of over $20,000.

On Wednesday in Orange County Court, 23-year-old Tysha Stevens of the City of Newburgh pleading guilty to criminal possession of a controlled substance, for possessing a large amount of heroin.

On February 10, 2018, Town of Highlands police officers pulled over an alleged speeding car. During the traffic stop, police say they smelled burning marijuana coming from the passenger, Stevens.

While searching the car, officers found marijuana on the back seat and a package containing approximately seven and one-half ounces of heroin under the front passenger seat, where Stevens was sitting.

“It’s no secret that this area, and this country, are in the midst of a heroin epidemic,” Orange County District Attorney David Hoovler said. “An epidemic that is destroying lives, families, communities. The heroin that this defendant possessed, without being cut by any other substance, could be packaged into more than 7,000 individual doses, with a street value of nearly $17,000. More than likely, those seven and one-half ounces of heroin would have been mixed with other substances, resulting in a far greater number of doses and a far greater illegal profit.”

Stevens faces an agreed-on sentence of 10 years in prison when sentenced in May.

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