A Presidential candidate weighed in the ever-pressing issued, "Is the Hudson Valley in upstate New York?"

In the most recent 'Lovett or Leave It' podcast host Jon Lovett, a former President Obama speechwriter, was joined by U.S. Senator  Kirsten Gillibrand (D NY-20) on stage at the Anthem in Washington, DC to discuss her 2020 Presidential campaign, health care and more.

Over an hour into the podcast,  Lovett asked Gillibrand, "What is the line of demarcation for upstate New York? Where does it begin?"

Gillibrand's response:

Albany. It begins at Albany. I'm sorry it's not (the) Hudson Valley. If you're in Albany you're an upstater and above. The Hudson Valley is the Hudson Valley. Only New Yorkers would say Westchester is upstate, and I mean people in New York City.

The crowd roared in appreciation of Gillibrand's comment. Do you agree with Gillibrand?

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