A Hudson Valley school superintendent went viral after he announced his district's snow closing with a song.

Cornwall Central School District Superintendent Of Schools Neil Miller has been having some fun while informing the community about recent school delays, cancellations or news.

"Last March he started one message by introducing himself as 'Neil Miller, meteorologist of the Cornwall Central School District,'" a source told Hudson Valley Post.

In a community Facebook group, some have said they let Miller's robocalls go to voicemail so they can laugh and listen to the voicemail again.

Many enjoy Miller's messages and recently many have requested he sing. Well, those who wanted to hear Miller's sweet voice got their wish when he informed the community about Tuesday's snow day.

In the announcement, Miller, or as he says "Johnny," informs about the upcoming snow day to the tune of 'Crazy Little Thing Called Love.'

"Well this thing, called snow, well I just can't handle it.
Well this thing, called snow, well I must keep you out of it.
Let's have a snow day! Crazy thing called snow," "Johnny" who sounds a lot like Miller sings.

Miller or "Johnny" continues to sing in impressive fashion, in my opinion, about the snow day. You can hear the full message below.

Many loved the snow day song.

"Can we please talk about Neil Miller's school cancel messages? I can't be the only one who thinks he is hilarious. Tonight's guest speaker was the best," one Facebook user wrote in a Cornwall Facebook group.


"Love the song Neil Miller sang tonight tow thumbs up from me!," another said.

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