Three men were arrested for allegedly convincing a grandma to send nearly $10,000 to get her Hudson Valley grandson out of jail.

Recently, Lloyd Police were alerted by the Lee County Sheriffs Office in Florida of a 77-year-old Fort Myers woman who was the victim of a phone money scam.

The grandma sent $9,500 to an address in Highland to a person who impersonated an attorney and claimed the woman's grandson was in jail and needed money, police say.

A of $10,500 was requested approximately a week later from the woman to be sent to an address in Highland where Lloyd police intercepted three New York City men when they allegedly came to pick up the second package.

Anthony Almonte, 29, 25-year-old Juan C. Aracena and 27-year-old Steven Diaz were all charged with attempted grand larceny and conspiracy, felonies

All three were remanded to the Ulster County Jail on $10,000 cash bail or $20,000 insurance bond.

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