Metrologists say a Nor'easter is threatening to impact the East Coast this week.

Longtime Hudson Valley metrologist Joe Rao wrote about the chances of the area seeing snow on his Facebook.

"In the last 24 hours, I've seen about a half-dozen websites warning of a 'major East Coast storm' for Wednesday. Even on the highly-regarded CBS news show, 'Sunday Morning,' in reading today's National Forecast, Jane Pauley alluded to the 'Midweek nor'easter' that would bring lots of wind, rain and yes . . . even snow," Rao said.

On Saturday, AccuWeather reported a fast-moving storm which has the potential to become a nor'easter could impact the east coast Tuesday and Wednesday.

USA Today wrote on Monday a powerful April Nor'easter is going to strike the East Coast with rain, wind and maybe even snow for parts of New York, Pennsylvania and New England.

According to Rao, the Hudson Valley will be fine.

"So please listen to me: 'It's not happening; the storm is staying out at sea. End of hype,'" Rao said.

As of this writing, the National Weather Service says parts of the local area have about a 30 percent chance of precipitation Tuesday night into Wednesday morning. The National Weather Service reports there's "a slight chance of snow"  between 10 p.m. Tuesday and midnight, then a chance of rain and snow.

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