A train carrying radioactive material derailed into a river that flows into the Hudson Valley.

Early Thursday morning, a non-passenger train derailed into the Delaware River near the New York- Pennsylvania border.

According to the DEC, the train that derailed had radioactive content on it. However, the cars carrying radioactive content didn't derail into the river, according to WBNG.

Sixteen cars of the train derailed near Deposit, spilling around 4,000 gallons of diesel fuel, ABC 6 reports.

The Upper Delaware Scenic & Recreational River confirmed diesel fuel leaked into the river. Officials believe a significant amount of the diesel fuel spilled into the river.

Anyone who notices diesel fuel in the river should call the National Park Service at (570)-729-8251 x 2225.

As of this writing, all fuel leakage has stopped. It's believed most of the oil in the water moved through the river, officials say. However, there may still be some localized areas.

No injuries were reported.

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