Families are upset after a Hudson Valley pet cemetery took money for burials or cremations but didn’t perform the tasks.

According to NBC, Abbingdon Hill Cemetery in Crawford continued to take money from customers after the cemetery was sold at a tax sale.

A number of pet owners provided NBC with documents that show Abbingdon Hill Cemetery charged for burials, cremations, grave decorations and maintenance costs after the company lost its license to operate as a pet cemetery.

"These are like our children to us," Paul Newman said. He told NBC he paid the cemetery nearly $800 after the cemetery was sold. “I look at that as deceit and fraud. I don’t even know if we’re able legally to visit the gravesites."

The property was sold last April for $713,000. The lands new owner told NBC he didn’t know he purchased a pet cemetery.

Abbingdon Hill Cemetery’s former caretaker, Raymond Fodera, informed NBC that although he doesn’t have a role in the business anymore, he thinks he has an obligation to maintain the property. Adding, he feels he’s not doing anything illegal by taking fees from pet owners to maintain the property.

The New York State Attorney General’s Office is currently investigating.

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