A Hudson Valley teen confessed that she held a child at knife-point to steal from the child’s mother. She faces a lengthy prison sentence.

On Monday in Orange County Court, a 17-year-old from Monroe pleaded guilty to first-degree robbery.

The teen admitted on Dec. 11, 2017, while she was at her foster mother’s home in the Town of Monroe, she forcibly stole car keys belonging to her foster mother by physically holding onto the foster mother’s 4-year-old daughter, while threatening the immediate use of a knife.

The teen confessed that knife was capable of killing or seriously injuring the 4-year-old. She also admitted she followed the mother upstairs to her bedroom to retrieve the car keys, and then back down the stairs, while telling the mother not to get close or she would hurt the 4-year-old girl.

“Children are of course the most innocent of victims,” District Attorney David Hoovler said. “Any defendant who would threaten a four-year-old girl with a knife in front of her mother is danger to the community, regardless of that defendant’s age.”

As part of her plea, the Orange County District Attorney's Office is recommending a nine-year prison sentence. The 17-year-old is scheduled to be sentenced on May 3.

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