A Hudson Valley man's daily stop for coffee turned him into a millionaire.

In March, 58-year-old Christopher McManus of Warwick made his daily stop for coffee at the Kwik Mart on Oakland Avenue. However, this time his energy burst didn't come from caffeine, but rather a lotto ticket.

The retired auto appraiser purchased a $2,500 a Week for Life scratch-off ticket. The ticket won him the $2.5 million jackpot.

“I stop at the Kwik Mart every day for my coffee and a Lottery ticket,” McManus told lotto officials. “When I scratched the ticket that day I had to put my glasses on to make sure I was seeing the right numbers!”

McManus opted to receive his prize as a one-time lump sum payment. He will receive a net check totaling $1,304,869 after required taxes, officials say.

When asked how it feels to win the Lottery McManus said,

“It’s still surreal," McManus said after being presented with a large $2.5 million check. "I’m not sure it’s really sunk in yet. “I will invest some of it and buy a new truck. I’m not thinking too far ahead at this point.”

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