Creepy clown sightings are starting to pop up across the country, does that mean we will see them in the Hudson Valley again?

Two years ago, there were many creepy clown sightings across the United States and here in the Hudson Valley. Well, it's happening again. Creepy clown sightings have recently been reported in Californa, Idaho, Iowa, Texas and the U.K. 

In September 2016, a creepy clown was spotted just north of the Hudson Valley.  Days later, this photo started circulating on social media about a scary looking clown spotted in Newburgh.

Hudson Valley Post did some research and learned the photo was really from West Virginia.

However, days later, a 13-year-old boy was arrested for allegedly making a clown-related terroristic threat against a Poughkeepsie Middle School. 

Just over two years ago, police confirmed they investigated social media photos of a creepy clown standing on top of a bridge, holding what appeared to be a rifle. The photo claimed to be taken on the City of Newburgh and New Windsor border.

A City of Newburgh police spokesperson told Hudson Valley Post they investigated because they felt the photo was in fact taken near Newburgh. New Windsor police confirmed there was an incident on the bridge.

Even though creepy clowns are returning across the country, let's hope we don't see copycats here in the Hudson Valley.

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