Update 6:00 p.m.: This story has been updated to include information from New Windsor Police regarding any potential arrests.

Many would say this is no laughing matter! Police are continuing to investigate reports of a creepy clown holding a rifle in Newburgh and New Windsor.

Over the past few weeks there have been a number of creepy clown sightings across the east coast. Earlier this week, they were spotted just north of the Hudson Valley. 

On Friday, this photo started circulating on social media about a scary looking clown spotted in Newburgh.

The picture shows a creepy looking clown wearing an an orange jumpsuit in a wooded area. The photo has the caption "North plank road... ya ready or nah."

Hudson Valley Post did some research on the photo, turns out, it's from West Virginia. It was originally posted by Karen Mann Hicks and has been shared almost 3,000 times.

On Saturday, these creepy clown photos were posted on Facebook, claiming to be taken on the City of Newburgh and New Windsor border.

In the photos, the clown appears to be standing on top of a bridge, holding a rifle.

The photos claim to be taken near a bridge that separates Walsh Road from Walsh Avenue on the border of the City of Newburgh and New Windsor.

This third photo, posted shortly after by the same user, really makes you start to believe the pictures are from the local area.

If you compare the photo, above, to a Google Maps photo of the Walsh Road/Avenue Bridge, below, it appears to be the same area.

Google Maps
Google Maps

City of Newburgh Police agree, the photos appear to be taken on the City of Newburgh New Windsor border. A police spokesperson told Hudson Valley Post they investigated the area and are continuing their investigation.

New Windsor Police confirmed that there was an incident on the bridge Saturday. They told Hudson Valley Post that no arrests have been made, and at this time they don't know who it was.

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