A contagious viral infection is spreading through the Hudson Valley.

In a letter to the Marist community, officials warned they've seen a number of viral infections that are presumed to be a strain of the Coxsackie virus, also known as, hand, foot and mouth disease.

The illness has seen a spike recently around other college campus and Major League Baseball. Noah Syndergaard of the Mets and Yankee pitcher J.A. Happ both recently recovered from the virus.

The illness is common with young children, however, older children and even adults can also contract the illness.

Since there are multiple viruses that cause this type of illness, you can contract the illness more than once in your life and sometimes even in the same season, officials say.

Hand, foot and mouth disease is a viral infection that causes a blister-like rash on your hands, feet and mouth, according to the New York State Department of Health.

The illness can be spread through close contact, coughing, sneezing, contact with fecal matter, contact with blister fluid or touching infected surfaces.

People are most contagious during the first week, often spreading the virus before showing any symptoms. Three to five days after exposure, symptoms include a poor appetite, fever, lesions in the mouth, runny nose and sore throat. A rash develops a few days after the initial symptoms, officials say.

There's not medicine or vaccine for the illness. Most people recover in 7 to 10 days without treatment.

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