If you missed it, these are last week's five most important local stories from Hudson Valley Post.

5) A historic diner will make a long journey to its new home on the other side of the Hudson River. The Grand Gorge is moving from Delaware County to Route 9G in Germantown, Just north of the Dutches County Line

4) 8 people were arrested following two undercover prostitution stings. Police say 3 people were arrested at the Beauty Body Spa in Esopus --- while the others were cuffed at a Saugerties motel.

3) 5 people were injured in two gruesome accidents.

Route 22 in Putnam County was closed for 6 hours Tuesday morning after a northbound pickup truck collided with a Verizon truck head on.

2) Police warned the public about a high-level sex offender, someone, who may pose a risk to public safety, is now living a local motel. --- 51-year-old Robert Scott is now living at a motel on Route 299 in Highland.

1) A retired Hudson Valley teacher allegedly told authorities he’s had quote “long-time attraction to young male boys.” He’s now facing child porn charges. Thomas Albright worked at the Marlboro School District. The 71-year-old is accused of having hundreds of images and videos of young boys engaging in sexual activity.

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