A new report says Gov. Cuomo has been "furiously" talking behind-the-scenes with Amazon officials, including CEO Jeff Bezos, about rekindling a deal.

About two weeks ago, Amazon pulled out of a deal to build a second headquarters in the Long Island City part of Queens.

In November, Amazon announced plans to build a $3 billion second corporate campus in New York City. Gov. Andrew Cuomo estimated the tech-giant coming to Long Island City in Queens would bring 25,000-40,000 job to New York.

Gov. Cuomo blames a group of lawmakers for breaking up the deal and said, "The New York State Senate has done tremendous damage."

According to the New York Times, Cuomo has "furiously" been trying to win the company back and has had many phone conversations with high-ranking Amazon officials, including chairman and CEO Jeff Bezos in the hopes of rekindling the deal.

Cuomo confirmed to ABC he's had conversations with Bezos.

"I've had many conversations with Amazon," Cuomo said according to ABC "I hope that they reconsider. Up until now, we haven't seen any change in their position. It would be helpful if the State Senate said that they would approve it; that would be helpful. But in the meantime I haven't heard any changes."

The New York Times reports Cuomo didn't offer a new location for the headquarters but is telling Amazon officials the project will have "guarantees of support." Also, a letter supporting the project signed by many elected officials, community leaders and 70 supportive unions is expected to appear in Friday's New York Times.

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