A local police officer is credited with saving the life a suicidal female who was about to jump off a local bridge.

On Tuesday around 10:15 a.m., Port Jervis police responded to a report of a distraught female on a bridge. Officers were dispatched to the various bridges in Port Jervis in order to find the woman and check on her wellbeing.

Patrolman Richard Santini responded to the Mid-Delaware Bridge on Pike Street and noticed a woman standing on the sidewalk on the western side of the bridge.

As the officer approached, he saw the woman drop personal items, including a family photograph and a cell phone, onto the sidewalk. The woman then quickly mounted the railing and swung both legs over the railing, police say.

Officer Santini was able to grab the woman and pull her off of the railing and onto the sidewalk where he was able to calm her down, officials say.

Officers then assisted the female from the bridge and drove her to Bon Secours Community Hospital for mental health evaluation.

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