A Hudson Valley resident was shocked to look outside her window and see a bobcat in her yard.

On Monday, Sarah Armand posted video and photos of a bobcat that she spotted in her backyard to Facebook. The Town of Warwick later confirmed the sighting happened at a home on Brady Road near the Village.

The bobcat didn't harm anyone. Officials say it minded its own business and soon returned to the woods.

"There have been several sightings this year and actually for many years since we still have much open space land in our town," the Town of Warwick wrote on Facebook. "Just be alert, don’t leave food outside and report any sighting to the Warwick PD at 986-5000."

Shaun Wolfson, another Orange County resident, told NBC 4 he also spotted a bobcat "about the size of a dog," in his backyard. He added the animal looked "cute but… would probably scratch the devil out of you.” The bobcat went back into the woods without harming anyone.

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