For the first time ever, South Korean students are riding in a yellow school bus made in the Hudson Valley.

South Korea students younger than 13 are now riding to and from school in an American school bus built in Warwick. This marks the first time students in South Korea are riding in an American made school bus.

“This is truly a historic partnership for us, and one that will help make the ride to and from school for South Korean children even safer,” J.S. Alliance CEO Sungwon Bae said, according to School Transportation News.

Trans Tech Bus from Warwick teamed up with J.S. Alliance to send 100 school buses per year to South Korea.

J.S. Alliance decided to work with the Warwick company because their 30-seat buses offer great driver visibility and comfort while dealing with narrow roads in South Korea.

The buses went through a number of tests by the South Korean government tests before being approved.

“Our main objective is to help make South Korea’s school transportation system as safe as possible and to use Trans Tech school buses to accomplish that goal,” Bae said. “Trans Tech makes a great bus and it perfectly meets the needs of our country.”

Engineers from Trans Tech engineers made a number of changes so buses will better fit children in South Korea, including reducing the height of stairs. Other changes dealt with lighting, changing the speedometer and other measurement gauges to the metric system and translating the stop sign into Korean.

The words "School Bus" remains on the bus in English, according to the School Transportation News.

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