Local officials have been warned that fire fighting foam was released into the environment and water in the Hudson Valley.

On Saturday, Stewart International Airport representatives warned City of Newburgh officials that Aqueous Fire Fighting Foam was released from a hangar into the environment due to what's described as an "equipment malfunction."

The fire fighting foam also made its way into surface water including Silver Stream, the City of Newburgh's former drinking water site. On Sunday, the Aqueous Fire Fighting Foam was causing foaming in Silver Stream, officials say.

The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation is on site monitoring the situation and an environmental contractor is working to clean up the contamination.

“The City has no further information at this time but wants to assure its residents that the City’s drinking water does not come from the contaminated area and remains safe for consumption,” Interim City Manager Joseph Donat said in a press release.

In a press release, city officials added this incident proves Newburgh's former drinking watershed continues to remain vulnerable to sources of contamination present within the watershed.

"The Port Authority is at it again!!! Fire Fighting Foam caught in the silver stream coming from Stewart Air Base!! They are STILL contaminating our Washington Lake!!! Our City Government AND Attorneys are in ongoing litigation over this right here!!!! WE WANT REPARATIONS for ALL people affected by this," City of Newburgh Mayor Torrance Harvey wrote on Facebook.

City of Newburgh officials previously passed a resolution prohibiting the use of Washington Lake as a source of drinking water for the City and remains united in its position, officials say.

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