A Hudson Valley elementary school student brought three box cutters to school and attempted to pass them around on a school bus.

On Friday afternoon Newburgh school officials were told a Meadow Hill Global Explorations Magnet School student brought three box cutters on to their school bus and attempted to pass them out on the way home.

The bus driver was told about the box cutters and returned to the school where the student was removed from the bus and the box cutters were confiscated.

The student's parents were called and the student wasn't allowed back on the bus.

"To our knowledge, the weapons were not brought out during the school day. The student did not go through the metal detector, per the grade level of the student," Meadow Hill GEM School Principal Dennis Camt said in a message to parents.

Following an investigation, school officials confirmed the student brought the weapons to school.

"I cannot disclose discipline matters, but I can assure you that we take this issue very seriously. We work hard to provide a safe learning environment of our scholars," Camt said.

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