Robocalls are increasing at alarming rates in New York, but officials believe they have come up with a plan to eliminate the annoying calls.

U.S. Senator Charles Schumer is introducing bi-partisan legislation known as the TRACED Act, which would give federal agencies the tools and authority they desperately need to trace, prosecute, and enforce fines against robocall scammers, as well as establish new requirements related to call authentication technology that could filter out robocalls before they reach the phones of unsuspecting New Yorkers, according to press release.

“Robocalls – at all hours of the day and night – and ‘spoofing’ scams annoy and rip-off countless New Yorkers,” Schumer said. “Despite the existing ‘Do Not Call’ registry, robocalls remain a serious problem across the country, making these harassing calls nearly unavoidable. It’s a plague that we’ve got to cure—whether it’s the landline or cell phone, no one should be woken up in the dead of night by multiple robocalls. Fortunately, the TRACED Act is just the antidote we need, which is why I will be urging Congress to pass this landmark legislation ASAP to give the feds new powers to track, prosecute and fine these nasty robocall scammers and bolster caller identification technology across the nation.”

According to Shumer, the legislation is needed because despite federal "Do Not Call" rules, robocalls and unwanted spam calls are getting worse by the day. YouMail reports Americans received 47.7 billion robocalls in 2018, a 57 percent increase over the number of calls in 2017. Schumer wants the bipartisan plan to get on the floor of the Senate as soon as possible.

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