Local police are warning the public about three high-risk sex offenders who moved to two Hudson Valley motels. One was arrested for sexually abusing a girl he babysat.

William Constable and Mark DeCicco both recently moved to the same motel on Route 299 in Highland. Both are Level-3 sex offenders.

Level-3 sex offenders are considered to have the highest risk of a repeat offense and are considered the greatest risk to the public.

According to the New York State Sex Offenders database, on multiple occasions in 2010, Constable sexually abused a six-year-old girl that he babysat. The now 57-year-old was sentenced to seven years in prison.

In 2003, DeCicco, 49, was arrested in Kingston for committing a criminal sexual act against a physically helpless 16-year-old boy. He was sentenced to 15 years in prison.

Brennan Thek, 59, moved to a motel on Route 9W in Highland. The Level-2 sex offender had unlawful contact with a minor in 2008 in Pennsylvania.

Thek’s motel is 3.2 miles, or a five minute drive, from Constable and DeCicco’s motel, according to Google Maps.

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