Recently, around 4,000 American flags mysteriously appeared at local cemeteries. Turns out, for a heartwarming reason.

If you walk through Hudson Valley cemeteries, you may notice American flags nears certain graves. On Monday, Kingston police learned the real reason.

An officer noticed veteran volunteers placing American flags at the base of tombstones belonging to veterans at Montrepose Cemetery

One of the volunteers, Bill Forte, told the officer that every May, he and group of volunteers put up over 4,000 flags throughout local
cemeteries to mark each veteran’s final resting place. They then take down the flags after Labor Day.

“Thank you Mr. Forte for your dedication and support to veterans that have died so that they are not forgotten, the officer wrote on the Kingston Police Department’s Facebook. “I especially want to give a shout out to the volunteers I did not have a chance to speak with or shake their hands… Thank you for your service, dedication and support of those veterans that have passed. Proud to be an American! Stay safe!”

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