A woman who's been in jail for 37 years for her role in a robbery that killed two Hudson Valley police officers and a security guard will be released from prison.

On Wednesday, radical activist Judith Clark was granted parole after spending more than 37 years in jail for her role in a robbery of a Brinks armored truck in 1981. Clark was the getaway driver.

The robbery led to the deaths of a Brinks security guard and two Nyack police officers.

In 2016, Gov. Andrew Cuomo made Clark eligible for parole by commuting her 75-years-to-life sentence, NBC reports.

According to NBC, the 69-year-old was considered a model prisoner. While in jail, Clark trained dogs, formed an AIDS education program and offered advice to mothers behind bars.

"We are grateful that the Parole Board affirmed what everyone who has interacted with Judy already knows that she is a rehabilitated, remorseful woman who poses no threat to society," Michael Cardozo, who represents Clark pro bono said, according to CBS News.

Officials in Rockland County are upset with the ruling.

"Today’s ruling by the parole board is a cruel and unjust slap in the face to the families of Sergeant Edward O'Grady, Officer Waverly "Chipper" Brown and Brinks guard Peter Paige. This perversion of justice is a sad continuation of the deadly assault on police officers happening across our Nation and signals to the criminal element that it is open season on cops. The parole board and the elected officials responsible, especially our governor who commuted her sentence thus setting the stage for this debacle, for allowing this domestic terrorist to walk free should be ashamed," Rockland County Executive Ed Day said in a statement. "We, the community of Rockland, now need to focus on supporting the three spouses, nine children and countless others close to those murdered officers as they are reliving the horrors of October 20th,1981 this evening."

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