The Hudson Valley is still digging out from this week's storm and one weather model is predicting a second major storm is coming our way.

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This week's storm dumped around two feet of snow across the Hudson Valley. Two hometowns tied for the most snow in all of New York State. Here's a complete rundown on snowfall totals across the Hudson Valley.

For many, the last thing anyone wants is a repeat storm. But, there's a chance that may happen this weekend. Metorgolists are monitoring a potential storm for this coming Sunday into Monday.

The European weather model predicts a "major storm," according to Hudson Valley Weather.

"The model was extremely bold… showing a near repeat of our first storm. But each run since then has looked less and less impressive, with a flattening of the wave… making it more likely to go out to sea in a future run," Hudson Valley Weather wrote Wednesday.

The good news, as of this writing, Hudson Valley Weather thinks there's a 33 percent chance of a major snowstorm because two of the three weather models Hudson Valley Weather tracks push the storm out to sea.

Hudson Valley Weather does remind us it's too early to fully predict what this next storm will do because this week's storm initially looked like very little snow for the region until a day out.

"Let's just say the storm we just went through… looked MUCH different last Thursday So there is plenty of potential," Hudson Valley Weather said.

The Weather Channel initially predicted 2 to 5 inches of snow for the Hudson Valley during the Super Bowl, but now has removed snow from the forecast.

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