Deer are spotted all over the Hudson Valley, but you typically don't see one while shopping inside a mall in the Hudson Valley.

Well, that's what happened Tuesday as some shoppers at the Palisades Center had a shopping trip they will likely never forget. A deer ran through Dick's Sporting Goods at the Palisades Center mall in Clarkstown.

Tuesday evening the Clarkstown Police Department shared a video of the deer's shopping spree.

"Looks like a Bambi look alike decided it was a good day to go shopping," the Clarkstown Police Department wrote while sharing the video on the department's Facebook.

The video shows the animal running through the aisles while people stare in shock and awe.

According to police, a "kind" employee was able to get the deer to leave the store unharmed.

"You just never know what you will come across in a days work," police said.

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