A Hudson Valley teen is being honored for his heroic acts where he pulled a man from a burning car.

On Friday, Feb. 9, multiple cars were involved in an accident just past the entrance to the Cairo-Durham Middle/High School.

Garrett McKenna, 17, a senior at the high school, arrived on the scene just minutes after the accident.

“My son being the way he is the way he was raised, with a family of volunteer firefighters, pulled over and jumped out to see who he could help,” Garrett’s mother, Faith McKenna told Hudson Valley Post.

The future eagle scout who’s certified in first-aid and CPR noticed that a man in his twenties was trapped in his car and the engine caught fire.

Garett knew the man’s life was in danger and something had to be done.

According to Garrett’s mother, another witness advised Garett there was nothing they could do to help the man.

“The engine is on fire, I’m pulling him out with or without you,” Garrett responded, according to his mother.

That’s when Garrett ripped open the car door and pulled the man away from his burning car.

“I’m so proud of him,” Faith said in a phone call with Hudson Valley Post. “I’m proud that he gives back to his community. We taught our son, always remember to help people.”

On Thursday night, Cairo-Durham High School will honor Garrett for his heroic and potentially lifesaving act.

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