A photo of a Hudson Valley police officer helping a woman remove about 8 inches of snow from her vehicle is going viral.

The photo shows Town of Wallkill police officer Clark helping the driver remove the snow following Sunday's snowstorm. Town of Wallkill Police Department notes that officer Levy also helped, but isn't seen in the photo.

It's unclear where in Wallkill it took place, but it appears the driver attempted to drive with a large amount of snow on her car. The photo shows most of the vehicle's windshield covered in snow.

Orange County Deputy Sheriffs PBA reports the car had over eight inches of snow on it. The National Weather Service reports the snowstorm brought 4.8 to 8 inches of snow to Orange County.

According to the Orange County Deputy Sheriffs PBA, it's not against the law to drive with a large amount of snow on your car. A bill that would have made it illegal died in the assembly, the Orange County Deputy Sheriffs PBA wrote on Facebook while sharing the photo.

"Snow has to actually hit the ground creating a hazardous condition," the Orange County Deputy Sheriffs PBA wrote in the comment section of the photo they shared.

During the 2013-2014 Legislative Session, New York Senator Martin Malavé Dilan sponsored a bill that would make it illegal, with certain exceptions, for cars to be driven with an accumulation of snow or ice on the surface. The bill didn't make it past its initial stages, according to the New York State Senator's website.

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