The dreaded four letter word, snow, is in the forecast for parts of the Hudson Valley this weekend.

The weather this fall has been anything fall-like. Just this week, we experienced temperatures near 80, with humidity that reminded many of summer. It poured on Thursday, with most of the Hudson Valley under Flash Flood Watches.

Last week, two tornadoes touched down in the lower Hudson Valley. One in Rockland and one in Westchester.

In fact, September was one of the warmest September's ever recorded in Poughkeepsie.

Well, that's all going to change this weekend. The highs for Saturday and Sunday in the Hudson Valley will be in the 50s, according to the National Weather Service. The low for Saturday, in the 30s. And that's where the chance of snow comes to play.

According to Hudson Valley Weather, there are models that show the first snow-flakes of the fall falling in the upper parts of the Hudson Valley on Saturday.

"Whether anything actually sticks or flakes are just flying is to be determined, but without a doubt, fall is arriving in a big way by weeks end," Hudson Valley Weather wrote on Facebook.

Regardless of snow, the Hudson Valley is expected to see its first frost this weekend. 

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