Thursday, October 31's storm wreaked havoc on the Hudson Valley, especially this man's car.

Halloween 2019 brought more than tricks and treats, it also brought a major rainstorm. We reported earlier that 100,000 customers across the Hudson Valley were without power. Winds reached up to 60 mph in the Hudson Valley region and there were two to five inches of rain. There were also downed trees in the Hudson Valley that were causing traffic problems and damage.

One Hudson Valley man woke up to a downed tree that caused serious damage. The tree had fallen on top of his car. Sterling DePaul, of Poughkeepsie, unfortunately, discovered that part of a tree had snapped off and fallen on the roof of his car. It crushed the roof and windshield. The car was parked in the City of Poughkeepsie.  The car is expected to be totaled.


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