There were unconfirmed reports that a tornado touched down in at least two Hudson Valley counties, but did it really?

Many areas had tornado warnings and there are unconfirmed reports of a tornado touching down in Ulster and Sullivan counties. Hurricane-force winds were reported in the Hudson Valley, according to ABC. 

Turns out in Sullivan County a trained spotter incorrectly reported a tornado in Eldred around 3:30 p.m., WPIX reports. The National Weather Service in Binghamton incorrectly reported to twister but later confirmed there wasn't a tornado in Sullivan County.

“We do NOT have a confirmed tornado in Sullivan county (or elsewhere) at this time,” the National Weather Service said according to WPIX. “We will be sorting through damage reports and consulting with local emergency management officials to determine the need, and location of any storm damage surveys. Apologies for the confusion.”

According to Hudson Valley Weather, despite viral social media posts, photos of severe thunderstorms are deceiving and inconclusive.

"Scud clouds are common in a severe storm. They extend down from the cloud deck, and can often be confused for a tornado," Hudson Valley Weather wrote on Facebook. "The National Weather Service will conduct an investigation, looking for video showing a tornado on the ground, as well as storm survey reports, along with an extensive storm damage investigation. After which time, the National Weather Service will determine whether a tornado touch down was confirmed or not."

The National Weather Service will be traveling across the Hudson Valley surveying damage, to see if a tornado touched down anywhere. However, it will take days before they have their results.

While we won't know for sure if a tornado hit the local area, the storm was massive. According to Central Hudson, wind gusts up to 78 miles per hour were reported in southern Dutchess County, large hail fell in Ulster County and approximately a thousand lightning strikes per hour were recorded during the height of the storm.

Below are photos from the storm from across the Hudson Valley

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