Local weather experts from the Hudson Valley are warning about a "dangerous snow squall," which could bring whiteout conditions to the region this afternoon.

Many in the Hudson Valley woke up Tuesday to their homes and cars covered in snow and ice. The region received 2 to 10 inches of snow Monday night.

Now there's more snow to worry about. According to Hudson Valley Weather, a "dangerous snow squall," will impact the Hudson Valley Wednesday afternoon.

"Typically not such a big deal, but this one will cross the region around school dismissal and early commutes, so it is def something to plan for," Hudson Valley Weather said on Facebook.

The snow squall, associated with a powerful and dangerous arctic cold front that's bringing below zero temperatures to the region, will reach the Hudson Valley from west to east between 2 p.m. and 4 p.m. Cold surfaces will allow snow to collect quickly, officials say.

"Our concern is that this narrow and quick moving band will have snow impressive snowfall rates and gusty winds, this combined with cold road surface and blowing of existing snow pack may lead to near whiteout conditions and rapidly deteriorating travel conditions just in time for school dismissals and early commutes," Hudson Valley Weather wrote on its website.

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