A former lower Hudson Valley doctor is accused of stealing over a half-million dollars from a 97-year-old local woman.

On Wednesday in Westchester County Court, 69-year-old Peter Corines of Eastchester was arraigned on grand larceny charges.

The felony complaint alleges that during a two-week period in November 2017, Corines, a former Eastchester physician, stole from 97-year-old Bernice Judd Porter of Yonkers by falsely claiming to be her power of attorney or pretending to be her on the phone or online with numerous financial institutions where Porter had accounts.

By claiming to be Porter’s power of attorney, Corines went into various banks and withdrew money from her accounts, officials say.

By pretending to be her, he called various mutual funds and transferred money from her accounts, according to the Westchester County District Attorney's Office.

He also allegedly transferred money from her accounts without her permission, authority or consent.

In total, Corines is accused of stealing approximately $540,103 from the 97-year-old woman.

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