The daughter of the former manager of a popular Hudson Valley restaurant was involved in a horrific accident, suffering gruesome injuries.

On Thursday, the daughter of the former Darby O'Gills manager, Jamie Gervasi, was involved in a serious car accident in North Carolina.

Gervasi's daughter, Madison, was hit by a truck while attempting to make a U-turn, according to Fox Carolina. Madison's car then hit a tree and caught fire.

The accident left Madison trapped in her burning car. The driver of the truck and someone else ripped the driver door off and rescued the high school junior.

The 17-year-old girl suffered serious internal bleeding, collapsed lungs, broken bones to her leg, pelvis, collarbone and numerous ribs. She also has multiple face fractures and a skull fracture.

She was rushed into surgery where her spleen was removed, according to a GoFundMe. Later, Madison was placed into a medically induced coma because she was unable to breathe on her own.

As of this writing, Madison hasn't shown any signs of a brain injury due to the lack of oxygen to her brain during the accident, according to Natalie Sealey who started a GoFundMe for Madison's family.

"Her medical expenses alone are exceeding any families expectations," Sealey wrote. "Her road to recovery is unknown currently but it will for sure be along and expensive one."

Madison spent her summers visiting her dad in the Hyde Park area and visited often around the holidays, Crystal Costa told Hudson Valley Post in an email. Her dad, a 9/11 responder, recently moved from the Hudson Valley to North Carolina to be closer to his daughter.

As of this writing, the GoFundMe has raised over $12,000 in two days.

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