Rumors are spreading and local meteorologists are weighing in on a potential 'major nor'easter' the Hudson Valley might see this weekend.

On Wednesday, Hudson Valley Weather weighed in about a "potential 'major nor’easter' for Saturday into Sunday."

"Some of the guidance in the past couple days suggested the storm intensifies and moves up the coast. However, the data we’re seeing and believing is correct, drives enough northern branch energy into the Mid Atlantic region, to stall the storm’s northward progression," Hudson Valley Weather wrote on Facebook.

As of now, Hudson Valley Weather predicts there is a 20% chance of the area seeing a major snowstorm, a roughly 20% chance of a dusting to a few inches and about a 60% chance the storm is pushed south of the Hudson Valley.

Hudson Valley Weather does warn that if their systems are miscalculating the storm's northern energy, it could mean the storm will head north and impact the area more significantly.

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