A very popular Hudson Valley restaurant is now offering free food.

On Thursday, Billy Joe's Ribworks in Newburgh announced on social media they will be serving free late night food every Saturday.

"We will be serving a free late night breakfast buffet every Saturday starting January 5th! Don't miss out," the restaurant wrote on its Instagram.

When pressed by an Instagram follower about what time the free food would start, a response said, "late night towards the end of the night, there’s no set time."

A few days later, Billy Joe's Ribworks announced on Instagram they will offer the free late night breakfast buffet every Friday and Saturday night.

Saturday night's free breakfast buffet was served around 1:30 a.m., technically Sunday morning. Eggs, bacon, sausage and potatoes were available. A source tells Hudson Valley Post the eggs were delicious.

It's unclear if the eatery located on the Newburgh waterfront plans to switch up the menu or how long they will offer the free late night breakfast buffet.

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