Celebrities living in the Hudson Valley weighed in on the controversial SNL skit that mocked the Hudson Valley.

Many Hudson Valley residents believe a sketch during the 45th season premiere of Saturday Night Live made fun of the local area.

The sketch didn't mention the Hudson Valley by name, but many say it referenced parts of the area by saying the apple farm was "located in the part of New York State that has confederate flags."

The sketch also poked fun at the concept of apple picking saying "for just $45 you can bring home $10 worth of apples."

Some in the area were offended by the skit, others saw the humor in it and some agreed with the sketch.

Burton, who's probably best known for her work on One Tree Hill, agreed in the comment section of her tweet, that the sketch was an accurate portrayal of the local area. Her husband, actor, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, also agreed.

While SNL may have mocked the local area, the season premiere was the lowest-opener in five years.

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