A wallet that’s been missing for 40 years was found hiding in the ceiling of a Hudson Valley high school.

Recently, East Fishkill Police Chief Kevin Keefe was contacted by John Jay High School Assistant Principal Paul Albanese after a summer renovation work crew found a girl’s wallet hidden in a classroom ceiling.

When inspecting the wallet, it was discovered the wallet was placed in the ceiling in 1977.

The wallet contained what are now vintage photographs, notes, a library card and school documents.

“(It) was like looking at a time capsule of the life of a John Jay sophomore at that time,” Albanese said.

Keefe, a 1977 John Jay Grad, was called to help locate the owner.

Turns out, the family was from the same Fishkill neighborhood as Keefe, and the wallet owner’s brother was also a 1977 John Jay graduate.

The wallet’s owner now lives in the Mid-West. Arrangements are being made to return the wallet to her family, police say.

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