New York State continues to crack down on dangerous drivers with secret  AI-powered cameras. We've learned about the new locations.

Officials from Orange County, New York confirmed officials are cracking down on drivers who put the lives of students at risk.

More Secret Cameras To Ticket Drivers Confirmed In Hudson Valley, Upstate New York


On Monday, Orange County Executive Steve Neuhaus proudly announced the launch of a "groundbreaking School Bus Safety Program."

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The program, in collaboration with school districts countywide and BusPatrol, aims to address the critical issue of motorists illegally passing stopped school buses, "thereby endangering the lives of children," officials say.

AI Cameras Placed On School Buses In Orange County, New York


All buses across Orange County will be equipped with "cutting-edge safety technology" which includes state-of-the-art AI-powered cameras.

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These cameras will detect license plates of vehicles that violate school bus traffic laws, officials say.

"This advanced technology comes at zero cost to the school districts and taxpayers, thanks to BusPatrol's violator-funded program," Orange County officials stated in a press release.

Program Set To Launched In Washingtonville


The program will be tested on Washingtonville School District buses for the next 30 days.

Road signs will be strategically installed in areas identified as having high instances of stop-arm violations.

During the month-test drives who don't stop for a school bus with its stop-arm extended and red lights activated receive warning letters in the mail.

Drivers To Face "Significant" Fines

Starting on June 8, after the 30-day warning period, drivers who violate bus safety laws will face "significant fines."

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A first-time fine will cost $250. Subsequent violations within 18 months will incur an additional $25 penalty, up to a maximum of $300.

All fines will be mailed to you.

Warning Period for Bus Patrol Violations Ends in Putnam County, New York


A similar program is in effect across Putnam County. Last week, Hudson Valley Post reported the 30-day warning period in the county ended.

Over 300 warning notices were sent to drivers in Putnam County. Now drivers in Putnam County are receiving fines in the mail.

Cameras are installed on buses across Putnam County to catch drivers who pass a stopped school bus with its red lights flashing.

Secret Cameras Installed In Construction Zones On I-87, I-84 Across New York

Just a reminder, hidden cameras can be found across New York State in construction zones. See more below:

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