Top New York officials are urging New Yorkers to "respect wildlife."

The New York State DEC released tips on how you can "respect wildlife."

DEC Urges New Yorkers to Respect Wildlife

Black Bear Wildlife in North Carolina Mountains
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Officials say you can "respect wildlife" and "appreciate wildlife" by staying a safe distance away and resisting the urge to touch or move young wildlife.

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“Spring’s warmer weather brings with it more sightings and encounters with New York wildlife, especially young birds and other animals,” Interim Commissioner Sean Mahar said.

Leaving Young Animals Alone


The DEC is also reminding New Yorkers that even if you see young wildlife, like fawns and baby birds, without a parent these animals are "rarely abandoned."

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Parents often place their young somewhere safe, in hopes of keeping them hidden from predators, while they go off to collect food for their offspring.

"While some might think these baby animals need assistance, human interactions with wildlife typically do more harm than good. Please remember: if you care, leave it there," Mahar added.

Human Interactions with Wildlife Do More Harm than Good

Wildlife on Long Island
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Human interaction with young wildlife can be "problematic," according to the DEC.

If You Care, Leave It There

"Most people have the best intentions when they find wild animals, but if a fawn, baby bird, or other young wildlife is found, please remember, 'If You Care, Leave It There,'" the DEC stated.

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What If You See a Sick Or Injured Animals

Canva / Friends of the Feathered and Furry Wildlife Center via Facebook
Canva / Friends of the Feathered and Furry Wildlife Center via Facebook

Don't interact with a wild animal if you think you found a sick, injured or potentially abandoned animal. Instead, call the New York State DEC right away.

"Rehabilitators are the only people legally allowed to receive and treat distressed wildlife, and have the experience, expertise, and facilities to successfully treat and release wild animals," the DEC added in its press release.

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