What did a Hudson Valley congressman say to President Trump, the end to a local traffic nightmare, a sex offender's secret move next to a day care and more top this week's Top 5 stories.

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A Hudson Valley man is accused pleasuring himself in the parking lot of a local business. Police say a woman caught Liam Fitzgerald masturbating in his parked car at an Ulster County business.

Police warned the public about two violent sex offenders move. 72-year-old Anthony Dipaola moved in Kingston. While Salbino Depina moved from North Dakota to Poughkeepsie.

After President Trump’s first speech to congress, Hudson Valley Representative Sean Patrick Maloney whispered something in the President’s ear. We learned what Malony told Trump.

And our top story, a very dangerous sex offender secretly moved within walking distance of a Hudson Valley day care, a boarding school and at least two other schools. Juan Rodriguez was arrested for not reporting his move from Newburgh to Poughkeepsie.

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