The Hudson Valley is dealing with some "weather whiplash" from record warmth to a day of snow later this week.

On Sunday, the National Weather Service reported Poughkeepsie broke an 87-year-old weather record.

On Sunday, Poughkeepsie checked in at  68°F. The old record was 63°F in 1935, according to the National Weather Service.

Nancy Kennedy
Nancy Kennedy

While I'm sure many enjoyed Sunday and Monday's spring-like weather, snow is expected to fall on the region on Wednesday.

"Weather whiplash: from record warmth on Sunday to a snowy day Wednesday," Weather, and life in general, comes at you fast. As a meteorologist, you quickly learn that agility is a critical attribute as Mother Nature tends to keep one hand behind her back," Meteorologist Ben Noll wrote on Facebook.

Denis Torkhov
Denis Torkhov

Noll thinks snow will start falling Wednesday morning across Orange, Rockland, Westchester, and Putnam counties between 8 a.m. and 11 a.m. before spreading northward.

"Given the wet consistency of the snow, it will also be easily compressed. Since the storm will be happening during the day, my expectation is for 1-4 inches on grass/non-paved surfaces but for roadway accumulation to range from wet to a slushy inch at any given time — sidewalk accumulation will likely be somewhere in between. The highest amounts will occur over elevated, hilly areas, and the lowest amounts in the immediate vicinity of the Hudson River," Noll predicts.

closeup of man hand with lock door de-icer

Noll believes there is a 55 percent chance of school closings and a 60 percent chance of early dismissal. There could also be delays on Thursday

"I expect that the PM commute will have roads ranging from wet to slushy across the region, given the marginal temperatures and treatment by road crews — so probably not terrible, but requiring extra caution and slower speeds, Temperatures will fall below freezing on Wednesday night with a refreeze expected. Conditions will be slippery in spots on Thursday morning," Noll said.


Hudson Valley Weather agrees the entire Hudson Valley will deal with snow that "may impact both the morning and evening commutes."

Below are Hudson Valley Weather's snowfall predictions and timing of the storm, as of Tuesday morning.

"Snow spreads into the region from south to north between 6-11AM. Snow most likely for AM commute across southern parts of Sullivan, Ulster and Dutchess and points south, will begin later as you head north," Hudson Valley Weather said.

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