A venomous snake which is known to bite humans and pets was found slithering near a Hudson Valley home.

In early October, The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation received a call from an Ulster County resident about a snake that was close to his home.

The Woodstock man wasn't certain of the species but was concerned the snake might be venomous, officials say.

Department of Environmental Conservation Jason Smith met with the caller at his home and found the snake in a small rock pile next to the home's back door.

Smith identified the snake as a northern copperhead, one of New York State's three venomous species, according to the DEC.

According to the National Zoo, the northern copperhead is a large, social, venomous snake. Their fangs release venom which causes the breakdown of red blood cells.

The copperhead is the cause of many snakebites annually, officials say. While the bite can be fatal, it rarely becomes fatal, according to the National Zoo.

After coaxing the snake into a bucket, Smith released it in nearby state lands with more suitable habitat.

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