A very popular and unique business that sold beer, wine, food and records is closing. But will reopen in a few months at a new location.

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On Thursday, The Vinyl Room, the Hudson Valley's first-ever taproom and record shop, announced Feb. 28 will be the company's last day open for business at its Village of Wappinger Falls location.

"We would also like to thank everyone for all the support the last four years in the Village of Wappingers Falls. We've built some wonderful friendships, enjoyed some amazing times together, and we will truly miss everyone visiting us in Wappingers.," The Vinyl Room wrote on Facebook.

The Vinyl Room offers its customers a wide range of items. The business opened on East Main Street in 2017. It sells vinyl records, wine, craft beer and pizza.

The good news is the popular business isn't closing for good, like so many eatery's have been forced to do this pandemic. The Vinyl Room is moving to an undisclosed location in Beacon.

"TVR is excited to announce our relocation to Beacon. These uncertain times have presented us with some new opportunities to grow our business, and we are looking forward to setting up shop in Beacon this coming spring," The Vinyl Room said.

The Vinyl Room did not say where in Beacon the new location will be located or when they will open in Beacon.

"Stay tuned as TVR will update the relocation progress as it develops, and we are beyond excited to see where the next journey takes us," The Vinyl Room added. "See you all in Beacon very soon, cheers!"

Before closing the Village of Wappingers Falls location the business is gonna offer deals on records and drink specials.

"Please come visit us for some incredible deals on vinyl, drink specials, and to grab one last slice from the "infamous pizza window" before we bid you all farewell," The Vinyl Room wrote.

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