The most famous skateboarder in the world is bringing a New York skate park back from the dead and it's not that far from the Hudson Valley.

Skateboarding is one of the most popular action sports in the world. We see both kids and adults out on a skateboard often here in the Hudson Valley.

How many people skate in the world?

According to Redbull, it's estimated that 85 million people skateboard worldwide.

The first skate park was built in 1965 in Tuscon, Arizona. Since then, there have been many parks pop up across the country.

According to Hype Beast, it was recently announced that Tony Hawk's The Skateboard Project will be teaming up with Brooklyn Bridge Manhattan to help rebuild Gotham Park. This would bring back and revitalize a very important skate park in Brooklyn, New York. The skate park would be constructed under the Brooklynn Bridge which was a very popular spot for the growing sport decades ago.

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Would this park bring in attract skaters from all around the country or even the world? It may be an important trip make for true skateboarding enthusiasts.

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