A new study claims dangerous tiny plastics that may cause massive issues to your body were found in bottled water.

Bottled water sold in New York State could contain hundreds of thousands of dangerous nanoplastics.

Study: Nanoplastics Found In Bottle Water


That's according to a new study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Researchers from Columbia University determined there are around 250,000 nanoplastic particles in an average bottle of water.

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Nanoplastics May Cause Body To "Malfunction"

Researchers say nanoplastics are thousands of times smaller than microplastics. Nanoplastics have been described as being as small as viruses or vaccine particles.


"Because (of) the smaller the particle size, they are easy to get into the human bodies and then cross different barriers, cross into the blood, and then can cross the different barriers to get into the cells, (interfering with cellular organs) causing them to malfunction," Beizhan Yan, the study's co-author, told The Hill. "

Bottle Water Industry Pushes Back

The bottled water industry is pushing back on the claims.

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“Media reports about these particles in drinking water do nothing more than unnecessarily scare consumers,” the International Bottled Water Association said in a statement. “There currently is both a lack of standardized methods and no scientific consensus on the potential health impacts of nano- and microplastic particles."

Nanoplastics May Cause Many Issues To Body


However, The Lancet, released a study last month regarding the many dangers of nanoplastics and microplastics.

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Officials claim these plastics can alter your body and lead to “oxidative stress, inflammation, immune dysfunction, altered biochemical and energy metabolism, impaired cell proliferation, disrupted microbial metabolic pathways, abnormal organ development, and carcinogenicity."

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