As the weather continues to warm many will soon want to go swimming. But beware, these are the most snake-infested waters in New York State.

Five water systems are home to more snakes than other waters in New York State.

The Five Most Snake Infested Lakes In New York State

Below are the five most snake-infested lakes in New York State.

The Five Most Snake Infested Lakes In New York State

World Atlas helped Hudson Valley Post determine the most snake infested waters in New York State.

Recently, Hudson Valley Post reported on a river that runs through New York State that's one of the most polluted in the United States.

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Making matters worse, this body of water is a drinking source for millions.

Delaware River In New York State Among Most Polluted In United States

The Delaware River can be found around 2,390 square miles of land within New York State, according to the New York State DEC.

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'Alligator' Looking Fish That Nearly Killed Woman Lives In New York


Potentially just as scary, the Delaware River is one of nearly 15 water systems in New York State that's home to a humungous "alligator" like fish that recently nearly drowned a woman.

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Thankfully, for anyone who enjoys the Delaware River, it's not one of the most snake-infested waters in New York State.

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