New York State residents are being forced to say goodbye to a number of popular food times.

Several food items have been discontinued in 2024.

Hudson Valley Post has researched and found out these items are discounted.

11 Foods You Can No Longer Buy In New York State

11 Foods You Can No Longer Buy In New York State

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Ronzoni Pastina Discontinued

Canva, Ronzoni Pasta
Canva, Ronzoni Pasta

In early 2023, we confirmed Ronzoni Pastina was discontinued.

"We hear you and greatly appreciate your love for Ronzoni Pastina. After extensive efforts, we regretfully announce that Ronzoni Pastina is being discontinued," the company said in a statement. This wasn't a decision that we wanted to make."

Company officials said the decision was because a long-term supplier informed the company they would no longer make the pasta.

"We searched extensively for an alternative solution but were unable to identify a viable option to make Pastina in the same beloved small, shape and standards you have come to expect," the company added.


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